Venetian Carpet


Category: Competition

Year: 2016

Location: Venice, Italy

In Greece, by a river, under the shade of the trees,

someone started to speak

Passersby stopped to listen

Then there were opponents, critics

and attendees could choose and form a personal


Thus University was born.


Georges Candilis

It's the laboratory the place where we work and study. Here, observing and reflecting, we do practice. It's the storehouse in which collect the imprinted signs along the way.

Venetian Carpet

We think at building as a small city, we have to Bring Urbanism inside the Architecture.

Old and new buildings are held together by the shape of two large mats or carpets We put in the bulding the same spatial and functional density of the traditional European city contrasting.

Venetian Carpet

General layout, Ambiental Section - ©imprintedsigns / June 2016

The floor plan consists of an orthogonal pattern or grid with linear housing and roads (external and internal), appropriate to the flat configuration of the area We search for continuity and connection.


From simple wires we obtain wonderful carpets, from simple lines we can draw great architectures We have only to tie together the past with the future

Venetian Carpet
Venetian Carpet
Venetian Carpet
Venetian Carpet

Plans, Section, Elevation - ©imprintedsigns / June 2016

Externally it’s defined by a clear and strong square perimeter but the square is not an anonymous figure: it points to Venice and its Ducal Palace, looking for Monet painting with his brushes on the waterfront.


University means universal knowledge: we can’t isolate in separate buildings specific disciplines.

Currently the space is total and society is universal these realities must be reflected in our planning and construction.

Venetian Carpet
Venetian Carpet
Venetian Carpet

Internal and external renderigs - ©imprintedsigns / June 2016

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