Temporary Student Pavilion

Michele Grazzini

Location: Pisa

Year: 2015

CdLM Ingegneria Edile-Architettura

Oriented by: Arch. Luca Lanini

Temporary Student Pavilion

It's the laboratory the place where we work and study. Here, observing and reflecting, we do practice. It's the storehouse in which collect the imprinted signs along the way.

The design was based on the concepts of linearity and horizontality, that led the organization of space and which result in the composition in plan and elevation.

At the request of temporary project answered with the use of refabricated elements, which are assembled only with dry processes fully reversible and that reduce lower costs and lead times.

At the same time, have been adopted solutions to ensure long-term urability in time and meet the needs of comfort and energy savings.

The foundation is constituted by a layer of gravel which helps to level the ground and at the same time serves as a stabilizer and draining also ensuring the restoration of the current state.

The construction consists of load-bearing walls x-lam on which are setted laminated wood beams.

All the walls and the cover elements are assembled in factory (with built-in insulation) to then be assembled on site.

Temporary Student Pavilion - prospetto
Temporary Student Pavilion - pianta
Temporary Student Pavilion
Temporary Student Pavilion - dettaglio architettonico
Temporary Student Pavilion immagine

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