Michele Grazzini

Category: University Project

Year: 2012

Location: Calci, Pisa, Italy

Oriented by: Luca Lanini

In collaboration with: Leonardo Albertini

The theme of the project concerns the extension and conversion of a farmhouse into a Bed & breakfast through the potential of hypogean architecture .

It's the laboratory the place where we work and study. Here, observing and reflecting, we do practice. It's the storehouse in which collect the imprinted signs along the way.

The main idea of architectural design is the individuation of “autonomous” spaces  that don't ensue from the layout of the other ones in order to obtain an excellent visual perception of the spaces; this aspect is emphasized by height differentiation of ceilings access zone to bedrooms.

Linear architectural design of modern enlargement matches with the existing building very well. An ingress system is studied in order to permit a free sight of the panoramic viewpoint when the visitor has arrived and at the same time it drives towards the reception.

Windows expand the inner space of the bedrooms, orienting the sight and create supporting surfaces.

MG_ plan
MG_ section
MG_ plan
MG_ external rendering

External rendering - ©michelegrazzini / June 2013

MG_ internal rendering

Internal rendering - ©michelegrazzini / June 2013

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